Making Moves - Monte's March 13

Bread Not Bombs


Bread Not Bombs is a group of Western MA anti-war activists who’ve come together for this march. We’re not a group that PROVIDES food, we’re walking to support The Food Bank of Western MA which DOES provide it. Our participation will help raise money to meet the immediate food needs of individuals and families in our communities. And it will be an affirmation of our commitment to resist war and counter the institutions that support it—the military-industrial-congressional- media complex.

Our walking will remind people that war—not just the current war in Ukraine—but all wars cause food insecurity and famine at home and around the world. We need to feed people, not the Pentagon.

Every mile walked is a reminder that war creates hunger and famine. Every dollar raised, enables The Food of Western Massachusetts to make moves that will provide four healthy and nutritious meals to families in our community experiencing food insecurity. Please support our Monte's March team's efforts to create change by donating whatever you can.

Bread Not Bombs Raised
I Made a Difference! Claudia Lefko $355.00
I Made a Difference! Maureen Flannery $100.00
I Made a Difference! Peter Kakos $100.00
Laura Kaye $535.00
Susan Lantz $0.00
I Made a Difference! Nicholas Mottern $50.00
2000 Meals Raised Stan Schapiro $820.00
I Made a Difference! Anne-Marie Smith $200.00
I Made a Difference! Paki Wieland $150.00
Team Gifts $2,385.00
Denotes a Team Captain