Making Moves - Monte's March 13

Cultivate Generosity


On November 21st & 22nd, WRSI – The River’s Monte Belmonte will be leading his annual march against hunger through the Connecticut River Valley during his Monte’s March event. For two days, Monte, Congressman Jim McGovern, and their supporters will push a shopping cart 43 miles from Springfield to Greenfield to raise awareness and funds for food insecurity in our region. The donated money benefits The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Our team's goal this year is $40,000 and with your help, we know we can surpass this!

For every dollar raised, The Food of Western Massachusetts makes moves to provide four healthy and nutritious meals to families in our community experiencing food insecurity. Please support our Monte's March team's efforts to create change by donating whatever you can. The Food Bank's goal is $500,000.


Thank you for your support!

Cultivate Generosity Raised
4000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Tara Brewster $3,355.00
4000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Elena Cohen $1,381.29
I Made a Difference! Michael Cohen $650.00
4000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Joanne Comerford $1,595.00
I Made a Difference! Elizabeth Dunaway $755.00
4000 Meals Raised Zelda Dunaway $3,179.57
2000 Meals Raised Jenifer Fleming Ives $635.00
4000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Ruth Folchman $2,535.00
I Made a Difference! Marina Goldman $861.00
I Made a Difference! Heather Hall $385.00
Peter Ives $200.00
2000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Hannah Jarrell $911.00
4000 Meals Raised I Made a Difference! Emily Lichter $10,830.00
4000 Meals Raised Marianne Mahoney $1,316.00
I Made a Difference! Laura Manning $635.00
I Made a Difference! Leigh Rae $385.00
I Made a Difference! Linda Tardif $200.00
I Made a Difference! Kathryn Wagner $500.00
Team Gifts $870.00
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