Spreading awareness to raise money is great but I have been asked a few times about fundraising ideas since pockets just aren't as deep this year. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you:
  • Host an event at a local business! A brand new marcher hosted a Bingo Night last night at a local winery and raised $600!
  • Hold a raffle! Purchase a gift card or ask a local business to donate a gift card and sell raffle tickets.
  • Host a fundraising dinner - themes are always fun!
  • Ask supporters to pledge an amount for every mile you march.
  • Have a chili cook-off!
  • Own an AirBnb? Raffle off a free night's stay.
  • Have a yard sale. Have a neighborhood yard sale!
  • If you're artistic - auction off a special piece you made.
  • Are you a musician? Have a jam night!
Whatever you do, even if you simply share your page on your social media - we sincerely appreciate your efforts. Every dollar is equivalent to four healthy and nutritious meals. Thank you for joining the march and actively making moves to end hunger affecting 1 in 8 individuals in Western Massachusetts.